Peanut Butter and Chicken flavored Omega 3 dog food dressing and flavor enhancer. Adds 150 mg of Omega 3 daily. No refrigeration required. Will not turn dry dog food soggy. All natural ingredients, human grade edible oils and natural flavorings. This product does not contain anything derived from animals, it is 100% vegan. Our flavorings are composed of plant and spice extracts that when combined will impart the same flavor and aroma of bacon, roast beef or chicken. Made in the USA!

Flavored Omega 3 dog food toppers are delicious and holistic blends of all natural, human grade, edible oils and natural flavorings that dogs love. Made with human grade edible oils, no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Made in the USA. Flavored sprays can be applied to dry or wet dog food to enhance the aroma and flavor. Flavored sprays add Omega 3 to every meal which has been demonstrated to support healthy skin and coat. Great for picky eaters. Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy. No refrigeration necessary. Delicious and nutritious, makes every meal a dog treat. Made with Virgin olive oil, canola seed oil, soybean oil, flax seed oil and chia seed oil along with human grade flavorings. Does not contain any protein or salt. One 8 oz bottle will last 3 months with 2 meals per day and 3-4 sprays per meal.


Great for picky eaters

Adds a delicious flavor and aroma to every meal.

No refrigeration necessary.

Can be used with all breeds and ages.

Easy and convenient to use.

No messy cleanup after use.

All natural ingredients.

Made in the USA

All human grade ingredients

One 8 oz bottle lasts for 3 months

Supports healthy skin and coat

Adds 200 mg of OMEGA 3 per meal

Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy

No artificial ingredients or preservatives

Chicken and Peanut Butter Dog Food Dressing

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