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We are a family owned business located in Marietta, GA. We take personal pride in your satisfaction with our products and we would love to hear back from you about your experience using our Flavored Sprays with your pet.


How It All Began


Our Beagle (JayJay) began to demonstrate a reluctance to eat, I know you are thinking, a Beagle?...But she actually started turning her nose up to her daily meals. As a result I began switching from one brand of dog food to another to solve this problem but it was only a temporary fix. She would eventually get bored with the new brand of dry dog food and we found ourselves back to square one all over again. It was frustrating to see her sitting there just looking at her food but not eating it. It was upsetting for me to see this pitiful sight and I just knew that there had to be something more I could do. I tried some of the different dog food dressings and flavor enhancers but none of them really seemed to work very well. At this point I decided to try putting some bacon drippings on her food and sure enough she ate it right up! This is when I came up with the idea for Bacon Spray. We as a family, decided to make a product that would be healthy and nutritious for our own beloved beagle and one that would taste and smell like real bacon drippings without all the negative effects of bacon grease. We searched for and eventually found what we were looking for. An all natural, plant and spice derived flavoring that smelled and taste like bacon drippings and our Beagle has been easy to please ever since. Our final formula is made from all natural, human grade, plant seed oils that are infused with Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Flavored Sprays are healthy, nutritious and delicious for your pet. They smell great, taste great and provide a level of Omega 3 that helps to give your dog a shiny coat of hair and healthy skin. We now have five flavors available for every palate. Try one of our 2 oz size bottles with your pet. We are confident that you and your pet will be pleased with our all natural Omega 3 dog food toppers and flavor enhancers.

Return and refund policy

When you buy from our site, you can return the product in 30 days for a partial refund.

We do not refund shipping cost only the cost of the product.

To return a product please follow these steps:

Email us at:

Subject Title: Return Request

Please provide the following information

1.Your full name

2.Your address

3.The product you wish to return

4.The date you ordered your product

You will receive a confirmation of acceptance of your return request along with a return authorization number with instructions on what to do next.


Keep in mind that we will process the return and refund, Google doesn't approve or handle returns or refunds.

Thank you!

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